Rowe ami jukebox model 1100

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Does anyone have an idea? I found one listed on eBay for euros that is not working. You would need to find one that has sold recently in order to determine the real value of your item. This prices gives you an idea of what a person is asking for one that is not working. I am sure if yours is working the value can be around the same if you can find a person willing to pay that much for the jukebox. The European market for this is a bit different as the US market simply because of where it was manufactured, and where is it likely to still be operational, or where found more frequently.

Advertisement As this is an American product, i would expect it to be harder to find, hence more valuable, in Europe www. My father has a model A AMI jukebox, it has some damage to the plastic on the outside. It has been converted to not need coins to play.

It is in working order. How much would it be worth? I have an AMI Continental 1 jukebox in great working order. I am unable to find a price range for this, can someone help? I know it is worth a lot more, a local jukebox store offered 3k for it with transportation paid for. I just dont know how much more? I have an AMI stereo jukebox and wondering what it's worth. It works well, but does not have all original songs. It is mostly an older country and 80s mix. I have seen several modes of the AMI jukebox for sale online and the asking price is quite expensive.

Keep in mind people can ask whatever they want for the item but the true value is when the item has been sold.

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It has been listed for some time now and has not sold. Advertisement I do believe your best bet to sell this is in your own local area because shipping this heavy item off is quite expensive and will really increase how much the buyer pays for it. I would like to suggest that you speak to a speciality shop in your area that handles antique radios, steros and jukeboxes and see how much they are selling for around you. Then you can determine how much a person in your area is willing to pay for such an item.

Any ideas how much this jukebox is worth? It doesn't work anymore. They can be worth a few thousand dollars if in mint condition. Follow eBay for a couple of weeks to see what yours is selling for. Model - RI - 1, Serial It is in good condition; what is it worth? On eBay, you can do an "advanced search" where you type in the item and check "sold listings" and you can get an idea of how much similar jukebox sold for.

Reference: www. Do you have an idea of the value of the AMI juke box I own, model serial ? I think it's from Thank you for your time.October 11,pm. Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print.

I am having a problem with the model mechanical unit. It will select records and deliver them to the player OK. When the needle approches the record the Mute relay should open up by closing the micro switch cs5.

I have found the switch and the cam it is on. I tryed to adjust the cam manually and everything is ok. Can anyone tell me how I can change the cam position perminantly. Thank You. Hello Bill, Can you discribe your fault in a better manner, from what you said you had a ploblem with the operation of CS5 and the mute you said you adjusted the cam, did you mean that you adjusted the switch position or that you adjusted the cam?

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I suggest that you read your manual and check all of the adjustments with regards to the tone arm, cam switches and gripper bow. Neither of them say any thing about adjusting the cam I'm having problems with.

I am attaching several pictures that may help explain my problem. The 3rd picture shows the position after I manually rotate the came slightly clockwise. When the next selection comes to the play position the came is as in picture 2. I need to know how to permanently tweak the cam clockwise to release the mute relay. JPG The only documents I had was for the MM-6 upgrqade. I downloaded the Manual for the MM-5 unit. It was complete along with the manual for the mechanical unit.

I am now able to repair and adjust the juck box to like new condition. Thank you for reading about my problem and the solution. The MM6 manuals were all supplements to the MM5. In other words, you need the MM5 and the MM6 manuals to repair this jukebox.

The MM6 is just a restyled MM5. Hello Bill, Any of the based jukebox manuals will do for the adjustments, the only difference in the mechanism is on the earlier mechanisms is that there was a double row of cam switches and the molex socket on the side of the mechanism was wired slightly different so care had to be taken when plugging into wiring to avoid a short.

Have a look at the two pawls on the casting on the transfer motor, the rivets can become loose and affect all of the adjustments on the cam in relation to the gripper bow adjustments. The mm5 manual gave me the data I needed.

I was able to adjust the cam and now everything is working normal. I believe my unit is It has a transistor preamp and a vacuum tube amp. The unit is working fine.Music Co.

AU for this list! The "lamp" cord used in most of the 40's to 60's models is breaking down by now and you will see at the plugs or on the wire itself that pieces of the insulation are shattering off. This is both a fire and safety hazard! You MUST replace any brittle wiring within the jukebox! This is a relatively easy job as this wire is normally just used for the lights and the amplifier, and can easily be traced, and replacement wire installed.

As for the power cord, be sure to flex it close to your ear and if you hear any crinkling sounds from inside the wire cable, then it too MUST be replaced.

Common problems with the AMI jukeboxes - including the Continental series - include:. Gummed selection pins due to the use of oil or WD - these must not be lubricated! Here are pictures of the take-apart and reassembly process. Wash the pins in solvent along with the metal spring clips and the holes they fit in Q-tip or similar to get them moving smootly with no trace of gumminess. I think the pictures below are pretty clear, but can expand if requested The wiper ring blades that connect the ferris wheel drum electricals to the machine are dirty.

Here are the wiper blades and their ringsyou can see these from under the front of the mechanism towards the center The microswitches that control the selection and cancel of the pins are faulty. Check all the machines microswitches with an ohm-meter. The readings should be steady once the switch has 'clicked' either way.

If the reading bounces around while pushing on the microswitch actuator after hearing the click then I suggest you change the micro-switch.

Best if you have an analog meter, but a digital one works fine as long as it is not one of those auto-ranging ones. For the folks new to multimeters about the safest use you can put them to for servicing jukeboxes is the Resistance tests.

These are all best done with the jukebox unplugged. It is very important to have a good connection between the probes of your meter and the item you are testing.It was known early on for its unique designs which ranged from the gawdy mother of plastic to vending machine looking jukes like the model D. When they first began to make jukes the 78 was the record of choice and only a few selections could be played on one jukebox. This maxed out when AMI introduced their X mechanism in that could play records front and back for a total of selections.

Visit them at www. Back To Kens Homepage ken pinballrebel. Year Of Jukebox Manufacture. Jukeboxes Model Number. Records or CD's Played. Selections On This Jukebox.

rowe ami jukebox model 1100

Dedicated Page For This Jukebox. National Automatic. Photos Needed. Top Flite. Yes Click Here. Singing Towers. Automatic Hostess. Mother Of Plastic.

D D Series D. Yes Click Here or Here. E E E Series E. F F F Series F. G G G G The G was the 1st use of a design that is still in use in Rowe CD boxes. MM-1 MM-1A. Music Merchant. MM-2 MM-2A. Music Master.Self-help tips for smartphone addiction Treatment for smartphone addiction Helping a child or teen with smartphone addiction Related articles Topic PageAddictions Smartphone Addiction Tips for Breaking Free of Compulsive Smartphone Use While a smartphone, tablet, or computer can be a hugely productive tool, compulsive use of these devices can interfere with your daily life, work, and relationships.

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Determining the Value of an AMI Jukebox?

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removing a rowe jukebox record mechanism

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rowe ami jukebox model 1100

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rowe ami jukebox model 1100

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